my fall manifesto : final progress (in photos)

So none some of you may be wondering, “Hey, what’s up with the fall manifesto?”. Well guys, I didn’t forget about it. So let’s talk about this list, shall we?

Many of my items on this list were not quantifiable or specific enough, which made it difficult for me to complete them and difficult for me to know if I had completed them. For example, I put “I will wash my face at night”, which was a good goal because I literally sleep in my makeup every night, which is not the best thing in the world. I washed my face more often at night than I did before, but I hardly did it every night. So, did I accomplish this task? Probably not, but I wasn’t specific with the goal, so I don’t know. I also had “I will organize” and “I will be proactive”…two goals I can’t exactly measure.

My whole point being (if you got through all the rambling above) is I will have to give my future lists more structure. They need to be tangible goals with which I can actually measure my success. In an effort to not stress myself out with this list, I also gave myself more time to accomplish these than I did with my summer bucket list. More time equals less pressure equals not getting a lot of stuff done. My weekly updates during the summer also kept me on track. I’m going to need to find a happy medium on the time limit thing.

So I’ll update my progress with the things I accomplished…and the things I kind of accomplished. I was successful at a lot of things and not so successful at a lot of other things. I was happy to at least get the “seasonal” items completed and a few of the other “must-do”s. You can find the original list here.

1. I will finish my Project Life album.


I finished my album for Fall 2012 – Summer 2013 right away because I was so excited for this project.

2. I will bake pumpkin bread. √


This recipe for pumpkin bread is the absolute best.

3. I will go on a picnic.


For a couple of weeks my husband and I had lunch together in the park. One day I brought our quilt and yummy snacks from Trader Joe’s to have an official picnic.

4. I will read six five books.


I’m currently in the middle of my fifth book (which I have to return to the library before we head home for Christmas). There’s a chance I can cross off a sixth if I finish one of those half read books lying around.

5. I will bake a pie. √


I baked two pies from scratch for Thanksgiving: a pumpkin pie and a caramel apple pie from this cookbook.

6. I will have a game night. √


We had a great time hosting a game night with wine and cheese!

7. I will watch Orange is the New Black.

We got about halfway through the season…and then stopped. Neither of us were able to really get into it (even after all the rave reviews). I hate not finishing shows though, so maybe we’ll find some time to finish out the season. If nothing else, at least we’ll find out what happens.

8. I will carve a pumpkin.


I finally got around to carving a pumpkin (Cheshire Cat) this year.

9. I will learn basic sewing skills. √


I had hoped to learn more sewing skills, but I learned some very, very basic things from a free class at Mood Fabrics (I still need to study the handouts). I also hand stitched the hem on my Halloween costume…my first time to ever do so in my life!

10. I will cook more. √


Some weeks I cooked more than others, but I got a little better at meal planning and a lot more comfortable in the kitchen, which is always the goal. I don’t measure everything anymore, and every so often I won’t follow a recipe. You can find the recipe for the yummy dish above here.

11. I will make a trip to San Diego. √


We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary with a trip to San Diego, and it was wonderful. You can find more about our trip here and here.

12. I will get back into the gym.

Since the summer I have seriously slacked in this department. I’m hoping after the holidays, I can really kick my butt into gear because I can’t afford to be skipping out on this one! How do you stay motivated to work out?

13. I will make chocolate-caramel apples.


Before carving pumpkins, I made these chocolate-caramel apples (way better than plain ‘ol caramel apples if you ask me).

14. I will go on walks with my husband.

I usually walk Kipling during the day, but every so often my husband and I would take a walk in the evening. It’s something we definitely need to do more of, so we can get off the couch at night and into some fresh air.

15. I will use our crock-pot.


I only used our crock-pot once, but hey, at least I did it! I made this vegetarian lasagna. Easy and good.

16. I will plant more flowers. √


We planted some hanging succulents and some potted cacti to add to our little “garden”.

17. I will wash my face at night.

Like I said above, I washed my face at night more often than usual…but still not quite enough.

18. I will organize.

Organize what? My life, I guess. I am trying to keep my computer less cluttered and more free of space. I need to do another closet haul, and I need to get my craft and scrapbooking supplies into more order.

19. I will go on bike rides.


I should have ridden my bike more, but now it has been stolen. 😦

20. I will get my splits back.

An item I had on my summer bucket list that I had hoped to accomplish this fall. I was always fairly flexible, and the splits were no big deal when I was actively stretching for cheerleading or dance. Nowadays, I’ve come to realize, I have to stretch daily if I want to accomplish this…no slacking. I also can’t push myself too hard and must let it be gradual. Maybe 2014 will be the year?

21. I will visit Griffith Observatory.


We haven’t gone to the observatory (though we were hoping to this past weekend), but at least we made a trip out to Griffith Park, which is beautiful. You can see some photos from that trip here, here, and here.

22. I will be grateful. √


I have tried to actively be more grateful for everything and everyone in my life. I’m a constant worrier and planner, but it’s important for me to sit back and be thankful for all I do have and all I have accomplished. I wrote a little about it here. P.S. Watch this lovely video about being grateful.

23. I will make pesto. √


It wasn’t my favorite recipe, but I made broccoli pesto to go with some spaghetti squash one night. Now we have a much, much larger food processor that will make the whole making pesto thing a lot easier.

24. I will go fruit picking.

This is the item I am most bummed about not getting to do. The apple orchards are at least two hours away from us, so it takes some planning to make a trip out there. We just got so busy with other weekend plans during apple picking season, so unfortunately we didn’t get around to it. I’ve never done it, so we will definitely have to make the effort to go next year.

25. I will create a pizza from scratch.


I crossed this one off my list many times over because it’s just so good (and easy!). You can find the recipes I used for the dough and sauce here.

26. I will use my film camera. √


I shot a roll of black and white film and am currently on a roll of color. I’m more stingy and careful with my shots, but it has been fun!

27. I will bake homemade pretzels.

Ever since I watched this video last summer, I’ve been wanting to make these. Still haven’t gotten around to it.

28. I will take a family photo. 


This is not the family photo I’m talking about, but our “real” family photo was used for our Christmas cards, so I don’t want to share that just yet!

29. I will dry clean my coats. 


Yes! I did it! I have a coat that I have literally never cleaned (disgusting), so it was about time I did it. Though, dry cleaning is not cheap, so this is something I’ll maybe do once a year (plus how often do you really have to wear coats in Southern California?).

30. I will make a wreath. 


I made two! One for the fall and one for Christmas.


31. I will make a book of my photography.  


I’m glad I got around to getting my photos off of my computer and into a book.

32. I will be proactive.

I live in spurts of being proactive with my life (I guess that’s how I am with everything). Currently, I am ready to take on 2014. To go for things and commit and to just take risks. But I guess this whole list is about being proactive, isn’t it?

33. I will check in with friends and family. 


With my brother and niece both living in California now, it has been great getting to see them more often. I also put in more of an effort to have gatherings with friends this season.

34. I will submit to theatrical agents. √


I checked this one off early, as it was the most important to get done.

35. I will keep a clean home. 


I really tried to keep the clutter and dirty dishes to a minimum (even if it means washing dishes constantly). I’ve come to realize that the mess just makes me stressed, so it’s better to just get rid of it. Dusting is something I definitely need to do more of. Definitely.

I haven’t decided what I will do about these lists come the new year. I’m sure I’ll have goals and plans I want to fulfill, but right now, I’m going to enjoy the season. Maybe I didn’t get around to everything on my fall manifesto, but I got to do a lot of extra things sprinkled in there. I didn’t make a list for the Christmas season because we have our advent calendar, and you know I’m going to do anything and everything Christmas I possibly can.

-wonderland sam

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