DIY christmas banner


Well, Thanksgiving is this week (can’t believe it!), which means your Christmas decorations are about to come out (if they haven’t already). We’ll get our big tree this weekend, but last week I made a super simple Christmas banner for our “mantle” (along the same lines as my fall banner).


Here’s how I did it:

1. I used leftover Project Life cards (Seafoam Edition) from my last album. You can really use any kind of card stock (I used thank you cards cut in half for my last banner).

2. After deciding on a phrase (“BE MERRY”), I traced the letters on each card with a stencil.

3. I painted each letter gold and sprinkled with gold glitter immediately after. The paint dries very quickly, and it must be very wet for the glitter to stick. After filling in each letter with paint, I went ahead and added a quick second coat right before sprinkling the glitter on. Of course, shake the card after, so any extra glitter falls off. I used a little hair spray to seal it (only use a little over the letter, as paper soaks quickly).

4. I cut a string of twine and secured each card with a clothespin.

The best thing about this project is I didn’t have to buy anything to make it. It’s fun to get creative with whatever supplies you have around the home.


Stockings from here. Owl tree topper from Target last year. Awesome Santa and brass reindeer sleigh thrifted.

Happy Christmas crafting!

-wonderland sam

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