life lately (from my phone)

Since Halloween, life seems to have simultaneously slowed down and sped up. I haven’t picked up my DSLR much, and I know my blogging game was off last week. I have managed to snap some photos on my phone along the way, so here is what we’ve been up to…


We finally succumbed to allowing Kipling on the couch. We could no longer resist her cute face and her cuddles, and you only live once, you know? Now she thinks she owns the thing.


I maybe decorated for Christmas a couple of weeks ago. Every year I hold out until after Thanksgiving, and I held out as long as I could this year. But as seen above, I seem to not be very good at resisting things. The twinkling lights in our apartment make me happy, and hey, we’re at least waiting until after Thanksgiving to get a tree (a real one this year!). The Christmas decorations around town make me extra happy as well. P.S. Kipling finally got a new bed!


We had a couple of friends visit and had a great time with both of them. It’s nice seeing old friends.


I’ve been able to pick up some nanny shifts and make it back to Whitney’s softball games. His team made the playoffs, and they won their first playoff game this past Saturday (against an undefeated team!).


Kipling got a new collar (I was tired of everyone thinking she was a boy) from this Etsy shop, and Whitney got a new messenger bag for his birthday from this Etsy shop. We celebrated his birthday by seeing a late night movie together on Thursday, and Friday we grabbed dinner with friends. I made this cake.


I’ve been working up some Christmas crafts that I’ll share soon. Hey, they need to be ready before December!

Thanksgiving is already next week (can’t believe it), and we’re still trying to figure out our plans. We were going to attempt to cook the entire meal ourselves to eat at my grandparents’, but it turns out they have had some pretty bad leaks, so alternative plans will have to be made. Last night we took our Christmas card photo, and this morning I’m off to a shoot for a print advertisement!

Here’s to a great start to your week!

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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