lion dog


I’ve wanted Kipling to be a lion for the past three years, and this year I finally found her a mane. Our plans this past Sunday were to go to the abandoned zoo in Griffith Park (something we’ve been wanting to do) and take photos of her inside the cages, you know, as a lion! We made the drive all the way out there (I had never been), and the old zoo was blocked off for the haunted hay ride this week. Wah wah. I was determined not to waste the trip out there, so I strapped that mane on and snapped away. People passing by got a kick out of it, and one kid even asked “Is that a lion or a dog?”. Hilarious. Kipling cracks me up with this costume on, so you’re going to have to humor me with the millions of photos I took (I’m just really bad at narrowing photos down). Also, notice the lion marking on the rock?!





Hahaha. Her face. We crack up every time we look at this picture.



I think I’m going to frame this one for our wall.




Laughing hysterically right now.





Whitney wanted me to include this one (even though it’s blurry) because she really looks like a lion!


Behind the scenes! Getting some shots with my film camera (and using her ball as bait).


I’m still determined to take her to the old zoo, but these will do for now. I’ll be sharing Whitney’s and my Halloween costumes tomorrow! πŸ™‚

-wonderland sam

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