DIY scrap garland


All I’ve wanted to do lately is make things. My husband and I have been working on making our Halloween costumes (my first time ever to do this), but I need more, more I say! So the other night, while Whitney was working on his costume (it’s a surprise!), I decided to sit down with some leftover felt from our wedding and put together this really easy garland for our pretend mantle (there are tutorials all over Pinterest for this, but I’ll share it here too). I’m not a big Halloween decorator per se, but I think fall decor is beautiful. The little haunted house was a 3-D foam puzzle my mom sent all of us kids to do (with a Starbucks giftcard as a reward…I’ll take it!). She also sent us the pair of white owls as a little anniversary gift, which I think will work both as fall and Christmas decor. Kipling still insists those owls are real, which you’ll see in the last photo.

I took these photos late at night, so, they aren’t award winning or anything. But all you need is scraps of fabric (I used felt) and twine.

I cut up a bunch of 7-8 inch long / 1 inch wide scraps of felt (in gray and yellow). I used 41 pieces to cover a 28 inch distance.


To loop around the twine: fold the scrap in half, place under twine, and place your finger in the loop.


Fold other end of scrap over the twine and through the loop.


Pull through until it’s tight around the twine.


There you have it! This will be the backside of your garland, so when you flip it over, it will have a nicer looking “knot”. I alternated colors, and ta-da! Easy peasy. The best thing about this is it doesn’t matter if the scraps are cut straight or if they are even lengths/widths. It’s a scrap garland!


So, it’s nothing fancy. Besides this pretend mantle, my leaf painting, and our front door, I haven’t done much fall decorating (trying not to spend money). Plus, Christmas is what it’s all about, am I right, or am I right? I’m already dreaming of Christmas and all that comes with it, but I’m trying to restrain myself until at least Halloween is over.




-wonderland sam

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