wine & cheese & game night


This past weekend we hosted a game night. I already had several board games, and we got even more for our wedding (yes, we registered for them). We decided to have wine and cheese as well because wine + cheese = good. We are definitely no experts when it comes to either of those, but we used some of these tips and also just read the descriptions at Trader Joe’s to pick ones we thought would be good. We set out some apricot preserves and spicy mustard for people to pair the cheese with, and we also set out a few different choices of crackers. For the wine, we basically picked the kinds we like. We aren’t wine and cheese connoisseurs, and neither are our friends (that we know of), so we figured that as long as things tasted good, we’d be set. I made little cheese labels by taping little strips of paper to toothpicks, so that if anyone was interested, they’d know what cheese they were eating.

We got so caught up in wine and good conversation, that we didn’t even get to finish one game of Pictionary. It’s fine (though I do love me some Pictionary) because we had such a great time. This is something we’ll definitely have to do again. The bonus: we have some leftover wine and cheese to enjoy together another night. And I love me some wine and cheese.

P.S. I also made these owl cupcakes…because…owls + cupcakes <3. I was also really glad to finally put some of our wedding gifts to use again (i.e. the cupcake stand and drink dispenser).










-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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