our first anniversary : san diego part two


We had planned to go to Extraordinary Desserts the night before but were way too full after dinner to eat anymore. Since our friend told us we had to try it, we stopped at Extraordinary Desserts for breakfast on Sunday. It.was.delicious. Every pastry and cake was absolutely beautiful, and the coffee was amazing. We are definitely going back for real dessert (i.e. CAKE) next time we are in town.

After a healthy yummy breakfast, we headed to the zoo! I was so excited about it! We got there just before noon, and we needed all the time we could get (the zoo closed at 5pm). The San Diego Zoo is rather large and pretty intricate as far as its paths and exhibits go, so it took a little wandering around. We got really lucky because we seemed to always happen upon the animals right when they were in prime viewing spots (before they hid away) or when zoo keepers were giving information sessions, feedings, or training sessions. Pretty neat stuff.

Animals continue to amaze me. As much as I loved animals growing up (I was into the animal Disney movies, like 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King, instead of the princess stuff), I’m surprised I didn’t go into anything animal related (though I must note I did want to live in the jungles of Africa and study chimpanzees a la Jane Goodall). It amazes me how each animal is built with certain physical characteristics to serve specific purposes. It amazes me how each animal is so different, yet so alike. It amazes me how majestic they are, yet they have such human qualities. The whole time at the zoo I was telling Whitney how every single animal reminded me of Kipling (and you should know we pretty much think she’s a human). Either I’m a crazy lady, or we are all more alike than we think. I think in another life, I would have been a zoo keeper.



Pineapple and vanilla custard danish. Mmmmm.



The only photo of us on our actual anniversary, October 13, 2013.






It’s difficult for me to pinpoint my favorite animal at the zoo, but the lion just stops you in your tracks. They really are such beautiful animals. Did I tell you Kipling is going to be a lion for Halloween? I’ve wanted her to be a lion the past three years, so I finally ordered her a costume. I’m a little excited.



This is the maned wolf, even though it’s not a wolf at all. They were doing a training session, where the trainer got her to jump up and hit targets for treats (dead mice). See? Just like a dog. Though this animal looked cartoonish to me with it’s lanky legs. Fantastic Mr. Fox anyone?





This guy (or gal) had propped its head up on this rock right by the glass for an afternoon snooze.




If you look closely you can see a girl’s reflection in the gorilla’s head. Her expressions in the couple of photos I took make me laugh.






I love giraffes. I always get really excited to see them at the zoo. I think it’s their height that gets me. I came home with a cute giraffe ornament to add to our collection.



San Diego, you are just too great. We’ll be back soon. ❤

-wonderland sam

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