DIY Flower Pots (Hanging and Standing)


This past weekend we made a trip to the nursery to buy more flowers. Since most long-lasting flowers need large containers or need to be planted in the ground, we decided to go ahead with more (hanging) succulents and some cacti (plus, they’re easier to keep alive!).


I wrapped twine around the flower pots (empty coffee cans) and secured the twine with dabs of hot glue every so often. You can find where I spray painted coffee cans to plant herbs here.



I hammered a nail through the bottom of the cans to create several holes for drainage. For the hanging plants, we created two holes on two sides of the can (about 2 inches apart on each side) and strung one string of clothesline through each set of holes.



Luckily for us, we have a staircase right in front of our apartment, so we simply tied the strings around it with a few knots to hang the plants.





I planted one cactus in another twine wrapped coffee can, and when I realized I didn’t have an additional can to plant the other cactus, I found an extra mason jar in our apartment. I put a couple inches of rocks on the bottom to help with drainage (since you can’t just nail holes through glass).



Our little “garden”. Parsley is lookin’ a little weak. -__-


I don’t know what it is, but flowers and plants just make me happy. I think I’ve got the bug!

By the way, the only “supplies” we had to buy for this project were the 2 succulents and 2 cacti, plus some more cactus soil. So the project total came out to $26 for 4 plants. I’m a big fan of using what you already have (and not spending money ;p). I’ve never dealt with hanging plants before, so we’ll see how this goes! They may have to be moved into larger containers down the road, but right now, I’m loving how cool they look hanging in front of our window. 🙂

-wonderland sam

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6 thoughts on “DIY Flower Pots (Hanging and Standing)

    1. Yeah, it’s not the cheapest thing…that’s why I try to use what I have and not go overboard on the plants, haha. Unfortunately I can’t do indoor plants because we have nowhere to put them.

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