my fall manifesto


My summer bucket list served me so well these past few months, I decided to continue throughout the fall. But instead of a bucket list, I have created a manifesto. It seems all the more powerful by saying “I WILL”.

my fall manifesto

1) I will finish my Project Life album.

2) I will bake pumpkin bread.

3) I will go on a picnic.

4) I will read six books.

5) I will bake a pie.

6) I will have a game night.

7) I will watch Orange is the New Black.

8) I will carve a pumpkin.

9) I will learn some basic sewing skills.

10) I will cook more.

11) I will make a trip to San Diego.

12) I will get back into the gym.

13) I will make chocolate, caramel apples.

14) I will go on walks with my husband.

15) I will use our crock-pot.

16) I will plant more flowers.

17) I will wash my face at night.

18) I will organize.

19) I will go on bike rides.

20) I will get my splits back.

21) I will visit Griffith Observatory.

22) I will be grateful.

23) I will make pesto.

24) I will go fruit picking.

25) I will create a pizza from scratch.

26) I will use my film camera.

27) I will bake homemade pretzels.

28) I will take a family photo.

29) I will dry clean my coats.

30) I will make a wreath.

31) I will make a book of my photography.

32) I will be proactive.

33) I will check in with friends and family.

34) I will submit to theatrical agents.

35) I will keep a clean home.

Summer was just wonderful, but I’m excited about fall and all the changes it brings, especially the holiday season. I’ll work on this list through Thanksgiving, so I have a bit of time. Any goals you want to accomplish this fall? Leave a link to your list if you have one! 🙂

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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