my summer bucket list : progress (in instagrams)

This list is winding down. I didn’t actively do anything this past week to accomplish any of these goals, but I ended up doing some of them along the way anyway. One week left to use that deep fryer and read and eat a snow cone and see what else we can accomplish. Summer, I can’t believe you are already so close to ending. It has been a great one. ❤

Summer 2013 Bucket List

1. Trip to Disneyland

2. Finish reading four books (2/4)

I picked up Where’d You Go, Bernadette the other day and am excited to start a new book. It has gotten great reviews, so I hope it doesn’t disappoint!

3. Get my splits back

 I’ve really slacked in the stretching department. I attempted the other day, and my left splits are looking close, but my right seem to have fell back a few steps.

4. Camping

5. Malibu Beach

6. Try barre classes

7. Go on a walk every day (in progress)


I haven’t been as strict about this as I was in the first several weeks. I have to remind myself it’s good to get out in the fresh air and leave the computer and everything else at home (even if my mind can never stop wandering).

8. Repurpose our china cabinet

9. Find a new hiking place

10. Baseball game

 We’re planning on going to a baseball game this upcoming weekend to celebrate our friend’s birthday, so I’ll be happy to check this off next week!

11. Sign with an agent

12. Declutter our apartment and my computer (in progress)

 I stuffed some more clothes-I-never-wear in a bag to take to Goodwill. Slow and steady, right?

13. Sand and stain IKEA counter top

14. Kayaking Stand-up Paddle Boarding

15. Make homemade ice cream

16. Use our deep fryer

We brought back some Whataburger ketchup from our visit to Austin (they sell it bottled at HEB now), so we’re thinking we need to fry up some french fries to go with it.

17. Sign up for a new acting class

18. Spend time with friends (count: too many to count) √


It’s funny, but often we’ll go a month or two without seeing a particular friend. Everyone gets busy, and the city is so big, that it’s not always convenient to meet up with people. This past weekend we got together with our friend Barbara for some sale shopping at The Grove and to eat at Umami Burger (my first time). I got the Earth (vegetarian) burger and the truffle fries with Black Cherry soda (my new obsession). It was all absolutely delicious.


Our neighbor was gone all of Saturday, so he asked us if we could let his dog out to use the restroom. Well, we consider Boba a friend around here, so we let him come over and hang out with Kip as well.

19. Bike rides (count: 1) √

20. See at least one summer blockbuster

21. Spend time with family (count: 6) √

22. Eat breakfast (in progress)


We keep running out of smoothie ingredients, and I’ve been really dreading having to wash the blender time and time again, so my breakfast smoothies haven’t been a regular thing around here this past week. I think a good word for this past week was lazy.

23. Plant basil and parsley


I don’t know why it’s so amazing to me that these herbs are actually growing. Or maybe it’s amazing that I actually helped them grow. Either way, they are still alive!

24. Scour a flea market

25. Find a great Mexican restaurant & margarita

26. Take more photos with my DSLR (in progress)

27. Finish my scrapbook


I finished my scrapbook weeks and weeks ago, but I just started Project Life album for this past year, and I’m loving it! Sure, it’s a bit restricting with photo sizes, etc., but it’s a heck of a lot simpler and quicker than traditional scrapbooking. I’ve already gotten through 9 months of photos and just need to round corners and add journaling. I’ll be sure to write a post about my feelings towards this project and the ways I’m accomplishing it.

28. Meet new friends

29. Visit a new dog park

30. Hang out at a pool

31. Eat a snowcone

32. Mail letters/postcards

 I’ve been doing a fair amount of sending cards and letters this summer…I just haven’t taken photos of it. I love love love getting mail, so it’s fun to send mail to others as well.

33. Bake a cake

34. Try a new recipe

35. Be outside as much as possible (in progress)


Whitney gets Friday afternoons off during the summer months, but we have been so busy or going out of town that we haven’t actually gotten to enjoy one together. So this past Friday we made sure to get out of the house and did some errand running/shopping in Santa Monica. We walked around Third Street Promenade (an outdoor mall) for a couple of hours, stopping for some french fries and ice cream. I love the abundance of outdoor malls in Southern California because I’m definitely not a fan of traditional indoor ones.

One more week!

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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