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I now generally eat a lot of vegetables (hey, I’m not eating meat), but fruit isn’t something I typically snack on. For whatever reason, I’ve never been a huge fan, and it definitely doesn’t satisfy my horrendous sweet tooth. But with my attempt at eating breakfast, I’ve been relying on breakfast smoothies to drink. It packs in a whole lot of fruit that I would otherwise not eat, and it gives me a healthy start to my day. I use frozen fruit because it’s cheaper, easier, and lasts longer, but feel free to use fresh. I buy the large “medley” bag that has an assortment of berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries).  I was wary of making up my own recipe, but why? Probably because I’m anxious about everything in my life. Turns out it’s super easy and delicious. Oh also, you don’t need a fancy blender to do this. Our blender literally cost $10-$15 from Target, and we’ve had it for two years.

What I Use:

*Whole banana

*Assorted berries (handful)

*Coconut water

*Orange juice

*Spinach (handful)

*Vanilla yogurt (1/2 cup or so)

*Flax oil (1 tbsp)

smoothie2I put the ingredients into the blender in the order you see above. I figure the frozen berries and banana are harder to grind, so I put those in first closest to the blade. Sometimes I go ahead and blend the fruit after adding the coconut water and orange juice (just a little OJ or else it will be too acidic) before I add the remaining ingredients, but my blender usually doesn’t have trouble.

You can definitely make up your own smoothie combination, but I’ve found this one to be a reliable combo. You can put as little or as much of anything you want, and you can do without the coconut water and flax oil if you don’t have those on hand. I choose to not use milk because I like the yogurt better. Just make sure you have some type of liquid in there.

-wonderland sam

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