my summer bucket list : progress (in instagrams)

Summer 2013 Bucket List

1. Trip to Disneyland

2. Finish reading four books (1/4)

3. Get my splits back

4. Camping

5. Malibu Beach

6. Try barre classes

7. Go on a walk every day (in progress)


8. Repurpose our china cabinet


*read about the process here*

9. Find a new hiking place √

10. Baseball game

11. Sign with an agent

12. Declutter our apartment and my computer (in progress)

13. Sand and stain IKEA counter top

14. Kayaking

15. Make homemade ice cream


*read about our strawberry ice cream here*

16. Use our deep fryer

17. Sign up for a new acting class

18. Spend time with friends (count: ~14) √

19. Bike rides (count: 1) √

20. See at least one summer blockbuster

21. Spend time with family (count: 3) √

22. Eat breakfast (in progress)

23. Plant basil and parsley


*find the DIY herb pot tutorial here*

24. Scour a flea market

25. Find a great Mexican restaurant & margarita

26. Take more photos with my DSLR (in progress)

27. Finish my scrapbook

28. Meet new friends

29. Visit a new dog park

30. Hang out at a pool

31. Eat a snowcone

32. Mail letters/postcards  √

33. Bake a cake

34. Try a new recipe

35. Be outside as much as possible (in progress)


I haven’t been nannying much these past several weeks because I’ve been busy (and summer is the slower period), but I did pick up a few days last week with the most adorable pair of sisters. But seriously, kids these days seem to be more than content to stay inside and play on iPads and watch TV all day. I had to get us out of the house, so the girls rode their bicycles one day, and we took a walk to the park another.

Whew, summer is just flying by. And this year. I can’t believe we have already lived in Los Angeles for close to 7 months. But we are taking a short trip back to Texas soon, and we cannot wait. The hardest part will be trying to fit in all the food we want to eat while we are in Austin for just a couple of days! Mexican food is definitely on the top of that list. I’ve been trying to find that great Mexican restaurant and margarita here in LA but still no luck. Honestly, I don’t know if these restaurants are putting any tequila in these margaritas…I sure can’t taste it (and I’m very sensitive to the taste of alcohol)! Oh well, the search continues.

It has been crunch time on this list! We knocked out three “projects” this past week, and I feel so accomplished. Whitney is excited to pull the deep fryer out, so we should be using that soon as well. Here’s to summer!

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-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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