make your own herb pots

So, I’m one of those people who loves doing crafts and DIY things, but I’m not naturally gifted at them. These DIY herb pots were the easiest, and that made me happy. I was able to come up with the idea and execute it all on my own. You professionals out there might be laughing, but I’m proud of myself!

What You’ll Need:

*Coffee Cans (sans the coffee, of course)


*Chalkboard Spray Paint

*Hammer and Nail


*Potting Soil



After you remove the old coffee labels from the cans, use some good ol’ Goo-Gone to get rid of the remaining residue. Make sure to wash the cans with soap and water after. Then spray on 3 coats of chalkboard paint (I used Rust-Oleum we had leftover from our wedding).


To create drainage holes, hammer a thick nail through several spots on the bottom of the cans.


Fill cans with potting soil.


Write the name of each herb on the respective can.


Follow package directions to plant the seeds!


I have to start the seeds outdoors because we don’t have anywhere in our apartment to place them where they will get enough light. We’ll see how this goes!


Our little “garden”.


In case you wanted an update on our succulents, here you go!

Our pot of succulents is my first foray into planting and growing…plants. I’m excited to nurture these herbs and see how they grow, so hopefully we can use them while cooking. Wish me luck!

-wonderland sam

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