my summer bucket list : progress (in instagrams)

Summer 2013 Bucket List

1. Trip to Disneyland


2. Finish reading four books (1/4)


Finally finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain. It’s an easy read…I just never made the time to sit down and keep reading. Interesting book from the (obviously fictional) perspective of a dog. I also organized a virtual book club, and our first book is The Ocean at the End of the Lane…excited to see how this pans out!

3. Get my splits back

4. Camping

5. Malibu Beach

6. Try barre classes


7. Go on a walk every day (in progress)


8. Repurpose our china cabinet (in progress)


Unfortunately we didn’t find the hours needed this past weekend to work on our china cabinet; however, it was a tedious process getting the yellow paint off of the door latches.

9. Find a new hiking place

10. Baseball game

11. Sign with an agent

12. Declutter our apartment and my computer

13. Sand and stain IKEA counter top

14. Kayaking

15. Make homemade ice cream

16. Use our deep fryer

17. Sign up for a new acting class

18. Spend time with friends (count: ~10) √


Our friend Sonny flew in from Texas to visit and join us on our camping trip! We caught a hilarious show at UCB and went to the beach (unfortunately it was the one cloudy day in a while). Other than that, we’ve also been spending a lot more time with our neighbors and have been making it a goal to hang out with other friends we rarely see.

19. Bike rides (count: 1) √

20. See at least one summer blockbuster


Last Saturday we had a marathon at the theater with a couple of friends and watched Monsters University and World War Z. Of course M&Ms were involved.

21. Spend time with family (count: 2) √


We got together with family for a big 4th of July bash (post coming soon). I was so happy to spend time with my brothers and my nieces, who were in town visiting for just a short time. Now all I have to do is convince everyone to move out here!

22. Eat breakfast (in progress)

23. Plant basil and parsley

24. Scour a flea market

25. Find a great Mexican restaurant & margarita

26. Take more photos with my DSLR (in progress)

27. Finish my scrapbook


*read more about it here*

28. Meet new friends

29. Visit a new dog park

30. Hang out at a pool

31. Eat a snowcone

32. Mail letters/postcards

33. Bake a cake

34. Try a new recipe


35. Be outside as much as possible (in progress)


This has become my typical uniform for the summer weather (tank and jean shorts). So thankful for the lack of humidity here, but it has gotten noticeably warmer (that sun just beats down on you, ya know?) I’m loving it.

Well, it’s officially July, and I am a little more than half-way done with this list…I think I’m keeping up at a good pace! I’ll be back next week to share our 4th of July festivities and our camping trip! Summer, keep being awesome.

P.S. See past updates here, here, and here.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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