my summer bucket list : progress (in instagrams)

Summer 2013 Bucket List

1. Trip to Disneyland

2. Finish reading four books

3. Get my splits back

4. Camping

5. Malibu Beach


*see more photos from our trip here*

6. Try barre classes

7. Go on a walk every day (in progress)


I’ve been going on a walk every day…except on the weekends. A walk always seems to get away from me on Saturdays and Sundays, but Kip is still getting her exercise at the dog park ( or when Whitney takes her on a walk while I’m sleeping ;p ) .

8. Repurpose our china cabinet (in progress)


*see more photos from the process here*

9. Find a new hiking place

10. Baseball game

11. Sign with an agent

12. Declutter our apartment and my computer

13. Sand and stain IKEA counter top

14. Kayaking

15. Make homemade ice cream

 16. Use our deep fryer

17. Sign up for a new acting class

18. Spend time with friends (count: 6) √

19. Bike rides (count: 1) √

20. See at least one summer blockbuster

21. Spend time with family (count: 1) √

22. Eat breakfast (in progress)


My favorite easy breakfast Whitney cooks is egg on toast. I’m still loving these smoothies, but now I’m adding spinach for some extra nutrients (you can’t even taste it!).


23. Plant basil and parsley

24. Scour a flea market

25. Find a great Mexican restaurant & margarita

26. Take more photos with my DSLR (in progress)

27. Finish my scrapbook

28. Meet new friends

29. Visit a new dog park

30. Hang out at a pool

31. Eat a snowcone

32. Mail letters/postcards

1000039_10151446346071604_1914166931_nBefore moving out west, Whitney and I found this hilarious book of postcards, Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals. I sent a few out to some friends this past week, as well as sent a couple of handwritten letters. With the ease of texting, emailing, and Facebooking, it’s always nice to take the time to actually sit down with pen and paper to write a letter or note to someone. Plus, I know how much I LOVE receiving snail mail.

33. Bake a cake

34. Try a new recipe

1013974_10151455801896604_914832471_nOne of my uglier creations: Cauliflower (and broccoli) Cheese Gratin from Grandmother’s Best Cookbook. I broiled it slightly too long, which is what that burnt mess up top is. Thankfully, you couldn’t really taste it. This dish would serve better as a side dish rather than a meal for dinner, but hey, I tried a new recipe! If I don’t get to another new one this summer, which I’m sure I will, at least I can check this off.

35. Be outside as much as possible (in progress)


The beach at sunset. I’m obsessed. I really, really want to find a place we can go beach camping. It’s my favorite.

1016073_10151453177621604_1714636116_nSome updates without photos:

*I’m happy to announce that I’ll be signing with a commercial agent! Next goal: find theatrical representation!*

*We usually only see friends on weekends since everyone is so busy during the week, but this past week we got in a lot of friend time! Last Thursday we had dinner with my old UT theatre friend, Will, and his new fiancé. Friday night we grabbed sushi and dessert downtown (our first time) with our neighbor and his girlfriend. Monday night I caught a lovely play (put on by former UT graduate theatre students) with another UT theatre friend, Jena. Tuesday evening we headed back to the beach for volleyball with Whitney’s coworkers. I’m not complaining. ;)*

I’m currently reading The Art of Racing in the Rain and The Devil in the White City, as well as starting a virtual book club! Our first book is going to be The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I’m still stretching frequently to get my splits back, and I’m getting closer! Our friend, Sonny, is coming to visit us, and we are going camping in the Redwoods. I’m so excited about this trip! I went to my second ballet barre class, and I’m hoping it gets more challenging. This weekend we’re planning on catching at least one of the summer movies that are out and going on another bike ride. My brothers and their daughters are flying to California next week, so I’m excited to spend time with them and celebrate the 4th of July with family.

We all know Christmas is my favorite time of year, but this summer is making some fine competition. I’m loving having this set of goals for the summer because it’s really motivating me to accomplish them. I think I’ll do this every season!

P.S. Has anyone used the new video feature on Instagram? How are you liking it? I think it’s pretty neat, but I have had trouble with videos not uploading. Also, I wish you could upload videos from your phone instead of having to record directly through Instagram. But, I guess that would be pretty complicated, huh?

P.P.S. Check out my past updates here and here.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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