my summer bucket list : progress (in instagrams)

Summer 2013 Bucket List

1. Trip to Disneyland

2. Finish reading four books

3. Get my splits back

4. Camping

5. Malibu Beach

6. Try barre classes

7. Go on a walk every day (in progress)


I need to find new routes to take, so I don’t get bored walking the same paths over and over again. Hard to break habit, you know?

8. Repurpose our china cabinet (in progress)


Bought the supplies! I hope we can get started on the china cabinet this weekend. This will be my first time repurposing a piece of furniture, so I’m excited!

9. Find a new hiking place

10. Baseball game

11. Sign with an agent

12. Declutter our apartment and my computer

13. Sand and stain IKEA counter top

14. Kayaking

15. Make homemade ice cream

16. Use our deep fryer

17. Sign up for a new acting class


I signed up for an improv class already (which I started this past Wednesday), but why not add another class to the list? I took the Foundations class at Killian’s last month, but I’m excited to take the next class in August…with my friend Zeb too! 🙂

18. Spend time with friends (count: 3) √


*see more photos from our afternoon grilling here*

19. Bike rides (count: 1) √

20. See at least one summer blockbuster

21. Spend time with family (count: 1) √

189863_10151437629211604_1074650047_n*see more photos from family time here*

22. Eat breakfast (in progress)


Still struggling a bit with this. I usually need to be awake for quite some time before my stomach feels well enough to handle food. I know it’s best to eat something within an hour of waking up, so I’m working on it. Smoothies have been great, but I ran out of bananas this day and grabbed a bagel instead.

23. Plant basil and parsley

24. Scour a flea market

25. Find a great Mexican restaurant & margarita

26. Take more photos with my DSLR (in progress)

27. Finish my scrapbook

28. Meet new friends

29. Visit a new dog park

30. Hang out at a pool

31. Eat a snowcone

32. Mail letters/postcards

33. Bake a cake


*see more photos from my cake baking here*

34. Try a new recipe

35. Be outside as much as possible (in progress)


This day I decided to forgo gym time and instead went on a jog outside. It was my first time running since we’ve been in California (and first time in six months…eek!). I really focused on my breathing, and let me tell you, it helped tremendously. The perfect weather didn’t hurt either.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to include the photos from past “bucket list progress” posts. I’ll save that for my final-bucket-list-cross-off at the end of July. For now, I’ll keep track of past items I’ve completed (that were talked about previously) with a √ mark. For the “in progress” items, I’ll always try to include a new photo from that week. I hope that makes sense.

I need to get moving on this list! I can’t believe it’s already almost the end of June. Summer, don’t move too fast!

P.S. Check out my past update here.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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