family time


We are fortunate to have family so close to us. It makes it easier to be far from Texas when we are able to drive an hour to celebrate the holidays with family. This past Sunday we had dinner at my grandparents’ house with some of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and I baked this cake. My immediate family has lived in Texas most of my life, so it’s nice to be in California and able to see this side of my family (that I didn’t see all too often growing up) pretty frequently. My grandmother cooked dinner, we played with one squirmy dog (my cousin’s Dachshund, Zero), and ate cake on the back patio. The dress I’m wearing used to be my sisters, and I was happy to finally find an opportunity to wear it.

IMG_4442(2)WebIMG_4451(2)WebIMG_4447(2)WebIMG_4453(2)WebIMG_4457(2)WebIMG_4460(2)Webfathersday1IMG_4462(2)WebIMG_4464(2)WebIMG_4465(2)WebIMG_4469(2)WebIMG_4458(2)Webfathersday2IMG_4476(2)WebIMG_4477(2)WebIMG_4487(2)Web-wonderland sam

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