apartment tour : our kitchen

Coming from a house to an apartment, our kitchen diminished in size drastically. The biggest problem is the lack of counter space. So though we searched Craigslist and furniture stores for a unique piece that could provide counter space for food preparation (I also hoped to find one with glass cabinets underneath to display our nice dishes), we settled on a counter top from IKEA for its practicality (and because we didn’t want to wait any longer). It has worked wonders since all of the rest of our counter space is covered with a dish rack (have I mentioned we don’t have a dishwasher?), a toaster oven, and a knife block. Having a small kitchen, we really have to keep up with hand washing the dishes, or else it looks like a war zone in there. And thankfully we also have a ton of cabinet space in the kitchen for storage (you can bet we have each and every one of them full).


We obviously don’t have a formal dining room, so this is where we eat, just off of the kitchen. This table is a hand-me-down, and we don’t love having a glass table. It looks filthy so quickly, and I get nervous about the corners around Kipling. We are hoping to invest in a reclaimed wood table sometime in the future (maybe even a picnic bench!).


Some paintings I…painted.


Still obsessed with these owl salt and pepper shakers.


If you look left from the kitchen table, this is what you see. Our IKEA counter top even provides space for our microwave on the lower shelf. We still need to sand and stain this piece. We’ll get to it.


This cabinet space (what we use as our food pantry) is directly across from our kitchen table. This is also my coffee stop every morning.


The top photo is of my mother, sister, and me at our rehearsal dinner. The bottom photo is of Whitney and his parents at our rehearsal dinner.


I put some “Chalkboard Vinyl Surface” adhesive I had leftover from the wedding on our fridge. Here we can write “To-Do” lists or ideas for activities when guests visit.


 We have a really tiny (old) oven, but so far it hasn’t been an issue. I’ve figured out that I always need to set the temperature to at least 25 degrees cooler and cook/bake the lowest amount of time.


Whitney came home for lunch while I was snapping these photos; hence the pan and food and jacket he has out everywhere. -__-

Not pictured: all of our pretty place settings we got as wedding gifts (really want to find an excuse to use them), an ice cream maker, a deep fryer (yes, we have one), a beautiful crystal cake stand, etc. Like I said, all those cabinets and drawers you see are FULL.

All we have left of our apartment is the bathroom and our bedroom…get excited!

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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