apartment tour : our living room

After four months of living in Los Angeles, I feel like it’s time to give an official apartment tour. Now, our apartment is pretty small (I believe around 600 sq. feet) and is a one bedroom/one bath, but it works perfectly fine for us two and Kipling. Granted, we have things crammed into every possible space (thank you builders for providing so many cabinets and storage spaces), but we make it work. We got rid of a lot of things before moving out west (we did move from a 3 bedroom house to a 1 bedroom apartment), but I think another purge is in order. We may have too much stuff (we got a lot of “new home” things as wedding gifts), but I like to think of it as making our home feel “cozy”.

Since we are in a small space, and Whitney just started his first job out of college, we aren’t planning on investing in big pieces just yet. Our furniture is still a hodge-podge of hand me downs from friends and family members and old college apartment pieces, but can we just pretend that it’s “eclectic”? ;p

Enjoy our living room!


If you haven’t noticed via this blog, I’m all about photos. And I love to display them (not just on the internet) as much as I possibly can. You’ll notice we have photos on just about every space in our living room.

We only have one couch for seating, so we store a couple of extra chairs in that left corner for when guests visit.


This view is from our “hallway” looking towards the front door of our apartment.


This is my favorite shelf: a mix of pretty and sentimental things from our wedding (including our owl cake topper…my favorite!).


I’ve had this mirror since I was a little girl. I love how mirrors can really open up a space and make it seem larger.


My Instax/Polaroid wall. I’ve switched out a few photos here and there, but I’m really going to need to invest in an album of sorts to start storing/displaying my instant photos.


This is directly across from our couch…what we like to call our”media center”. We don’t have cable, so our computer is hooked up to our television to the right of this shelf (not pictured). It’s also our desk/workspace. This is the most unattractive part of our apartment…where we stuff mail/coupons/folders that don’t have another space to go.


This view is from the living room looking towards the back of our apartment (the bathroom is through that door on the right). This is Kipling’s usual hang out spot.


This is where our wedding album and wedding guestbook live (along with a few other pretty treasures from the wedding as well).


I love this photo of Kipling and me when she was just a puppy. We store all of our books and our plethora of board games on this shelf.


Next up…our kitchen/eating area! You can see a little preview to the left.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

3 thoughts on “apartment tour : our living room

    1. Thank you! I’m sorry I did not respond sooner. It’s definitely a challenge living in a small space with so much stuff! Constantly wanting to get rid of things, haha.

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