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So, if you haven’t had enough of my wedding already, I wanted to share the wedding album I made. Sure, most photographers offer wedding albums as an addition to your package, and sure they are beautiful, but they cost a fortune. After the expenses of the wedding, I did not want to shell out $300-$400 on an album. Plus, I’m all about scrapbooking and arranging things how I want, so I decided to do it myself.

I have used Picaboo in the past to digitally make an album (for our engagement photos), but I knew that I would want to include too many photos that the cost wouldn’t have been worth it. Plus, after viewing Whitney’s aunt’s wedding album over Thanksgiving break (this is from some 30-40 years ago), I wanted something a little more homemade and nostalgic for our family and (future) kids to look at as well.

If you’re like me, you will make even the simplest things complicated. I am in love with the album, and my crazy, complicated way was probably the only way I could have ended up with this finished product.IMG_3476Web

Step 1: Buy an album. Ssomething big and simple. We happened upon this beautiful album on Main Street in Santa Monica when we first moved here. There are no slots to insert photos, so each page is a blank slate and slightly adhesive. Each page also has a clear sheet to protect the photos.

Step 2: Narrow down your photos. I narrowed 3,000 photos down for my wedding blog posts, but I needed to shrink down the number quite a bit more for this album. I would love to include all of them, but that’s just unrealistic. 48 pages in the album…you do the math.

Step 3: Get to work. After coming to a reasonable number of photos (around 160 or so), I made paper templates of different photo sizes. I ordered through Precision Camera in Austin, so I double checked what sizes they could print. I then sat down and decided what photos I wanted to group together on pages, and what sizes each needed to be to fit on the page. I kept a long running list separated by page numbers (1-48), that included each photo file name and the size it needed to be printed at. It was a very long process (and did I say complicated?), but all I can say is I am thankful for the “flag” option in iPhoto (to keep track of which photos I had already designated to pages). Some pages I only included 1 or 2 larger photos because I wanted all of the people in the photo to be clear.

Step 4: Order photos and assemble! Since I had my list of which photos would go on which page, I sat down with my computer (so I could see the file numbers) and arranged the photos together. Usually there weren’t too many different ways the photos could fit on one page, so this was the easy part. I didn’t measure anything – just free-handed the placement of the photos.

Whitney had suggested I come up with only a few different page templates to make the process easier and quicker. But I knew I wouldn’t have been able to fit all the photos I wanted unless I specifically “designed” each page. Anyway, I love it, and I don’t regret the process I went through to make it. But, see for yourself!


On the first page I included our “Save the Date” and wedding invitation. After that, I went in chronological order of the wedding. I included favorite photos, detail shots of each space, photos of special moments during the ceremony and reception, and of course many pictures of all of our friends and family who attended.

























With the cost of the album and printing high quality, matte prints, I spent about $150. Some guests gifted us money for our wedding, so I figured this expense could be taken out of that. A silver lining? I got a great thigh and butt workout squatting to take these photos of the album.

-wonderland sam


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