the in-laws visit

My in-laws (still weird saying that) visited last week for nine days (and yes we all stayed in our little one bedroom apartment). We love having our friends and family visit, so we get a chance to show off our new home and city! Whether we’ve visited these places or restaurants before, it’s always fun to have the excuse to go when we have visitors. Whitney had to work during the week (though he took Friday off), so his parents took a couple of days to explore the coast by themselves. But while they were here, we kept them busy!

Here is a selection of photos from their trip…all taken on his dad’s point-and-shoot-camera. It’s so nice when someone else has a camera because then I get to actually be in the photos! There’s nothing worse than having tons of photos from an event only to realize I’m not in any of them (I don’t want to look like a bystander to my own life!). So although I didn’t take any with my DSLR (shame on me), I’m still so happy his dad documented their trip so well. Gives me a little break. πŸ˜‰

What we did:

-Dinners, lunch, and a movie (42) in Downtown Culver.

-Brunch near the beach and walked the Venice Canals.

-A couple trips to eat at The Farmer’s Market (and of course Sprinkles cupcakes at The Grove).

-Houston Astros vs. Angels game at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim…we (the Astros) lost :(.

-A couple home-cooked, stir fry meals.

-Went to be in the audience of a taping of The Price is Right (they LOVED it). Look out for us on May 21st!

-Hiked at Runyon Canyon and visited the Laurel Canyon dog park.

-Diamond Lion improv show at UCB.

-Trip to Manhattan Beach, complete with Mexican food for dinner.

-Sunday trip to the flea market on Fairfax (Melrose Trading Post) before dropping them off at the airport. I came home with a really cute dress and jean jacket (finally!). You can tell below that I got real comfortable in my leather jacket their whole trip, so now I have another jacket to add to my wardrobe. (I later found out that Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess were at this flea market that afternoon…bummed I missed running into them!)


Their last Saturday here, April 20th, marked five years since Whitney and I began dating. I know we’re married and now have a new anniversary date, but I couldn’t help but recognize the milestone. Five years is a long time! Though, it still feels like it has been longer (is that a good or bad thing? haha, just kidding). We didn’t get to celebrate on our own, but it was an absolute perfect beach day, and we did enjoy some quiet time relaxing on the sand as his parents walked along the water. It kind of (irrationally) upsets me that now we have to start over with the count (October 13 will mark our one year of marriage). Nonetheless, I can’t wait to see what the next five years has in store for us. Maybe by the end of it, we’ll have another huge milestone to place in our memories. πŸ˜‰

-wonderland sam

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