Happy 2nd Birthday Kipling (and Valentine’s)!

Call me crazy, but I mentioned that I was baking a cake for Kipling’s birthday this year. For her first birthday, I took her to get some dog friendly cookies and a new rope, but this year I was set on baking a cake. I had heard of boxed cake mixes for dogs but didn’t see any at the store, so I decided, why not bake one from scratch? I went with this recipe, as other dog owners have tried it out and seemed to have liked it (also no stories of their dogs getting sick). I also mixed some extra honey and peanut butter together to “frost” the cake. I baked mine in a Bundt pan, and it came out a bit burnt along the bottom. I’m not sure if this has to do with our old oven (which my oven thermometer was telling me it was the correct temperature) or what, but it started burning by the 30 minute mark. Lucky for me, Kipling is a dog, and honestly and truly…will eat anything. But enough about me and my awesome, dog cake baking skills, here are photos of my baby girl’s 2nd birthday (and some Valentine’s Day ones as well).


44/365. Kipling’s birthday cake filled with carrots, honey, and peanut butter (and you know, the other necessary ingredients).


It’s like she knew it was for her (or really just gets all up in any food she can smell)!


45/365. February 14, 2013 – Kip’s 2nd Birthday. Patiently waiting to eat her cake (and blow out the candles of course…don’t worry, I have video. Call me crazy one more time!).


Ready to pounce on that slice of cake.


Makin’ a mess as usual.


I didn’t forget that it was also Valentine’s Day. We never go crazy with gifts or anything for Valentine’s, but I did want to make us a special treat (since Kipling got one of her own). I made these Nutella brownies, adding a teaspoon of coarse sea salt (in addition to the regular salt) per my friend’s suggestion. The sea salt really makes these something special, so do it! Just make sure that you add it before you start mixing the flour in, otherwise it won’t mix properly (I forgot until everything was fully mixed and ended up having some very salty bites). Either way, I’m a big fan of this whole sweet and salty thing.


We went out to a Cuban restaurant for dinner, and we exchanged Valentine’s cards. I handmade mine, and Whitney found my perfect Valentine at a shop on Abbott Kinney. I took more phone photos this day, so I’ll share those as well.


Kip on the morning of her birthday!


A walk and a trip to the dog park!


Kipling with some BIG and little friends.


Had to Instax it up.


Pretty flowers on our walk.


Mmm…brownie batter.


The inside of my homemade Valentine to Whitney.


Whitney’s adorable Valentine to me. It’s made of wood. He knows me too well. ๐Ÿ™‚

-wonderland sam

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