our san francisco honeymoon – final

While we were in the bay area, Whitney really wanted to visit Angel Island. Decades ago this island was used to detain immigrants from Asia and Europe, and his grandfather was detained there for two weeks in 1930 when he was just a teenager. It was amazing to see how segregated the site was (between Europeans and Asians, as well as men and women). Hundreds of them were placed in small living quarters with only small designated areas for recreation. Whitney’s grandfather was fortunate to have not been held there longer, as many people were interrogated there for years before being let into the states (if they were let in at all). I took a lot of photos this day, so be prepared.


30/365. We didn’t realize how much of an off-season January was, so the ferries weren’t running on their regularly scheduled times. This was unbeknownst to us, so we headed to the ferry dock in the morning anyway. Lucky for us, when we arrived, they were about to make one special trip out to Angel Island with a large group of kids who were going camping. We were able to piggyback onto their ferry, but there would not be a ferry coming back to Tiburon. There would, however, be a ferry arriving four hours later to go into San Francisco. We were planning on going into the city anyway, so it worked out (we would just have to occupy ourselves on the island for four hours). It was a beautiful day, and the few hours passed quickly. It was nice pretty much having the island to ourselves for the day.


You might remember seeing this face here.


This is not Whitney’s family, but we thought we’d snap a photo anyway.


The monument wall dedicated to the Asian detainees.


I promise Whitney is not as unhappy as he makes himself seem in photos. :p He was really loving seeing this place.


These are the barracks, where they crammed 200 Asian men. Those poles would hold three rows of 2 cots side by side for them to sleep.


Many of the detainees would carve poems and notes into the walls during their stay.


We then got on the ferry and headed into San Francisco!




It’s difficult to see, but in the distance behind Whitney is the Coit Tower. He lived off the steps leading up to the tower when he spent that summer in San Francisco.

While in the city we grabbed a seafood dinner at the Fisherman’s Wharf (a whole crab…with of course some clam chowder). We then made our way to the fashion district, but we didn’t have much time to spend there before we needed to head back to catch the last ferry to Tiburon. We got some macarons and local chocolate in the ferry building and headed back to our hotel for another relaxing night.

We didn’t have anything crazy planned while we were in San Francisco, as we had done a lot of the “touristy” things on our previous trips there. We just took it nice and slow, without a set agenda, and it was a great, relaxing getaway for a few days. I was excited to see Kipling when we got home though!

-wonderland sam

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