a friend’s visit

Our friend from back home (who went to high school with me and college with both of us) decided to visit us on a whim. He was in El Paso doing some research and the crazy Derek he is decided to hop on a bus out to LA for a short couple of days. Unfortunately it was overcast and rainy the whole time he was here (really California…I thought you never rained), so we made due with what we had.


23/365. Lunch at Lunch. These two are being such great sports about photo taking (below). Afterwards they both got haircuts (exciting, right?) at the beauty school across the street. It was an interesting experience.


It’s not crystal clear (or clear at all), but this is the only photo I have of our BLUEBELL ICE CREAM. Yes, Texans, we found one place that sells Bluebell…Whipp’d LA in West Hollywood. Our prayers have been answered.


Barbara got a little ahead of herself and ordered a large cup of Homemade Vanilla. But don’t worry, she ate all of it.


24/365. We took a drive along the coast, stopping in Manhattan Beach, so Derek could at least see a California beach (even though it wasn’t warm or sunny enough to fully enjoy). The sun finally came out a little, and after walking the pier and into some shops, we continued to Redondo Beach, where we met another one of Derek’s friends for dinner at Mickie Finnz. They have a claw machine you can actually play to win live lobsters. You bet Derek tried (three times), but unfortunately (fortunately for the lobsters), he did not win.


25/365. Barbara finally made it down to our neck of the woods and joined us for pizza on Derek’s last day. We also got an order of garlic knots, which are balls of dough drenched in butter and garlic. Delicious.


-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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