runyon canyon


17/365. The next day we decided to do actual physical activity and headed to Runyon Canyon, where we spent an afternoon hiking with Kipling. You would think there would be more direction once you get up the canyon, but you are completely left to your own devices as far as navigating the trails goes. We unluckily found ourselves on a more intense trail, and (geniuses that we are) asked a fellow hiker for some direction. We ended up turning back around to go up the very steep path we had just come down. I was a little nervous (honestly this was probably my first time hiking), but Kipling was just go go go (I had to let Whitney hold onto her leash). It was a wonderfully beautiful sunny day to hike (whereas in Texas we probably would have passed out from heat exhaustion), and we had such a great view of the city. I know Kip enjoyed it (she finally got to use our wedding gifts…her backpack and collapsible water bowl), and I’m sure we’ll be making many more trips out there to get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. I’m excited about finding other hiking spots in the city as well (and getting better at it).

Side note: There were a lot of hardcore fitness buffs running up and down the trails…don’t let that make you feel embarrassed if you are crawling on your hands and knees to get up the steep trails safely (I sure didn’t). πŸ˜‰


-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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