catching up more – 365 project

It seems I’ll be catching up on this project for a few more days here on the blog. With my succession of wedding posts, I just couldn’t squeeze ’em in. We are really trying to enjoy every day in this new city before Whitney has to start work (as do I). We even have a little trip to San Francisco planned for next week, and I’m so excited for our little (delayed) mini-honeymoon. But for now, let’s catch up…


10/365. Cooking our first meal in our new home: spaghetti. Nothing too fancy, but it was so nice to finally sit down to a home cooked meal and a glass of wine. As you can see, Kipling was trying to help (clean up any fallen pieces off the floor that is).


This is our new counter top piece we got from IKEA. It has been so tremendously helpful when preparing meals (since our only other counter space is filled with our dishwashing rack, toaster oven, and Keurig). We love the simplicity of the wood and the shelving underneath (perfect space for our microwave).

IMG_2218(2)WebIMG_2221(2)WebIMG_2223(2)WebIMG_2226(2)Web 11/365. We hardly did anything on this day, so by evening we decided to get out of the apartment and go shopping at Westfield Century City Mall. It’s an outdoor mall, so it was pretty chilly walking between the stores. I was in dire need of a really good pair of jeans (I honestly hadn’t purchased a new pair of jeans in 7 years), and Whitney wanted to get some new work clothes. Lucky for us, Banana Republic was having a 30% off sale on your entire purchase. The jeans I found were already half off, so with the extra 30%, they were a steal (not to mention I was really excited to find out I was actually a few sizes smaller than I thought I was…obviously I have not been wearing well fitting jeans these past 7 years). This is a photo of Whitney’s new button-down.


12/365. Our friends, Oscar and Caitlin, brought over their adorable dog, Buckley, for a play date with Kipling (you know, as well as to see our new place and go grab dinner). Later that evening we went to our neighbors’ housewarming party and met some really cool people that I hope we’ll have the opportunity to become friends with. Everyone in LA has been really great so far. They even told us about the flea market (below) that we decided to go to the very next morning.


13/365. We went to our first flea market with Oscar and Caitlin (and Buckley!) the next day at Melrose Trading Post. It was my first flea market, and I have fallen in love. It was only $1 admission (with a $1 off coupon online since we’re really pinching pennies here), and there were just so many vendors. I was so surprised at the affordable prices of everything too. Since we honestly don’t need any more “stuff” in our apartment, I only came home with two knitted headbands. I really wish we needed more (and/or had a bigger place) because there was so much cool furniture I would have loved to bring home. This flea market runs every Sunday (rain or shine), so I know we’ll be making trips here often (oh, and obviously they also allow dogs!). I am so excited to get into the LA flea market scene.


They also have a food court area if you get hungry! I got this delicious spinach, mushroom, and cheese crepe. After lunch, we headed over to the beautiful dog park up Laurel Canyon. You have to go up the mountain, so come on, you know it’s beautiful. Too bad it is a bit far from our apartment to make the trip often because it really is a wonderful dog park. It is huge and actually has grass (we’re missing it at the one near our home).


14/365. Have my new California license plates and my new California license. I guess it’s official! ๐Ÿ˜€


15/365. Whitney cooked us a delicious chicken and dumpling stew. He wanted to quarter it himself (he never likes to take the easy way out, does he?).

We have a few fun afternoon trips coming up! ๐Ÿ™‚

-wonderland sam

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