catching up – 365 project


Our first two weeks in Los Angeles consisted of a lot of unpacking, getting settled, and doing all of the necessary evils that come with moving (new license plates, new licenses, new name (finally got my last name changed), etc.). In the midst of all that I had to keep to my photo a day project, so any time we were able to squeeze something in, like a trip to the dog park or a walk through downtown Culver for some authentic New York pizza, I brought my camera along.


2/365. This is the only thing that existed in our freezer for a week. The real astonishment with this is that it lasted a week (actually, TWO). It’s no Texas Bluebell, but it sure was a delicious treat.


3/365. We love that we are in walking distance of so many great restaurants (and a movie theater). Lucky for us they all have outdoor seating, so Kip can join us too.


This appears to be a universal sign (at least in Los Angeles). Thought it was too funny not to take a photo.


So happy to have found a great pizza place nearby. We met the owner, who is from New York, so that’s how you know it’s authentic.


4/365. Whitney’s friend from grad school, Andrew, who was in San Francisco for the holidays, made a weekend trip down to Los Angeles. We didn’t grab a photo with him, but I did snap one of this cute bicycle pillow he gifted Whitney as a housewarming gift (he gave me a movie journal). We went and grabbed happy hour in Culver City and ate dinner at Busby’s West, so they could watch football. It is actually a super cool (and huge) bar with a gazillion TVs, lounge couches, and even an arcade.


5/365. Kipling’s first trip to the dog park (only a mile away from us!). We took her in the afternoon when the dog walkers bring their packs of dogs, so it was a bit overwhelming for her. But Kip has opened up and become a little more comfortable the more we take her (especially during the calmer mornings). In case you are confused, this is a photo of Kipling drinking water, which is being poured from our water bottle.


We also found a great Thai place nearby for dinner that we’ve already eaten at a couple of times. Mmm…eggrolls.

IMG_2181(2)Web6/365. This is my favorite shelf in our apartment. I’m obsessed. The wooden letters, the yarn-wrapped “13”, and the clay owl couple are all from our wedding. The ceramic owls on the right are the beginning of my collection, and I just love the differing heights and colors.


7/365. I’ve been wearing these slippers (made for me by my great aunt) constantly. With these wood floors and the cold snap that arrived when we first moved here, I was freezing. They have served me well (maybe not as well for poor Kipling).


8/365. Lame, I know, but it took us about a week to actually have groceries and space to cook a meal. So this chicken salad sandwich served as dinner one night.


9/365. We also made a trip to IKEA in search for an extra counter top space for our kitchen (since we have so little). We succeeded, and we got to visit our friend Barbara while we were on that side of town as well (since driving across town takes so long in LA, we are learning that you must attempt to combine everything into one trip).

I’ll be back with more to catch up! Don’t worry, our lives get a little more exciting as our time in LA progresses. πŸ˜‰

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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