Houston Portrait Photographer: My Niece


I only get to see my niece a few times a year, and I look forward to it so much each and every time. I am so thankful I got to spend two weeks nannying her this past summer and that she got to come back into town and be apart of our wedding. And lucky for us, she got to spend this Christmas with her dad and us as well. We spent the holiday wrapping gifts, making a gingerbread house and fudge, watching Christmas movies, and eating a lot of good food. You must expect that of course I had to have a photoshoot with her (especially since we never got around to it this summer). She agreed a few days prior, but when the time came she acted as if she was less than pleased with the idea. Though she may sometimes play fight it, I know deep down she loves the camera (she sure knows how to pose and has even admitted to me she wants to be an actress), and the camera loves her! She had just unwrapped this adorable outfit (a gift from our grandmother) for her birthday, and I’m so glad we got to use it. We went out to the backyard and only shot for twenty minutes or so, and the only editing I did to these was brighten them a little. I hope you enjoy (she sure is beautiful, isn’t she?)!


I love this one of her. The depth of field and the shadows!


Her James Avery ring, a birthday gift from her mother. She’s so proud of it!


-wonderland sam


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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

5 thoughts on “Houston Portrait Photographer: My Niece

  1. You are a gifted photographer with a beautiful niece and a rocking Grandma (with whom I am friends). I especially like the larger serious picture where she is standing and her head is tilted.You captured the depth of the child’s spirit.

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