our wedding: final – bride and groom portraits

We’ve finally made it…the last of my wedding posts! So much went into this wedding that I just had to share every detail, and I hope you enjoyed it. I thought I’d end with the portraits of my new husband and me taken after the ceremony. If you get to the end of the post, there will be another little treat. πŸ™‚











Look how handsome my husband is. πŸ™‚


















I’ve ordered a couple canvas prints of our bride and groom portraits to hang in our home, and I’m planning on framing a couple of family photos from the wedding as well. It’s difficult not to hang wedding photos all over our new apartment! I hope you enjoyed them, and again I want to thank Jerry and Jona Blackwell at Forever Photography Studio for capturing such beautiful photos on our big day. They were so relaxed and easy to work with, which only added to the joy of our wedding day. Here is Jona’s blog post on our wedding if you’re interested (you can also check out more of their work!). πŸ™‚ Our friend Caroline Yi, a fellow photographer, also did a beautiful post on our wedding.

And…the special treat! I have been patiently waiting to share the highlight reel from our wedding! I love having photos from our wedding, but there is something so different and special about having video footage. Originally we didn’t plan on having a videographer, but I knew I wanted to be able to watch our wedding day. I am so glad I found someone to film our day, and I 100% recommend not skipping out on a videographer. A friend I’ve worked with before (he studied film at UT), Gareth Witte, agreed to shoot our wedding, and another colleague, Joseph Martinez, edited it together beautifully. This is just the highlight reel, so it’s only a few minutes long. I hope you enjoy! I absolutely love it and could watch it a million times over. πŸ™‚

-wonderland sam


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3 thoughts on “our wedding: final – bride and groom portraits

  1. Thank you, Samantha, for diligently pulling all this wedding stuff together with the finalization of all the photographs, movies, etc. Thank for getting it all posted so that everyone, including Peter and I could enjoy them. We look forwards to a full life time of events with you and Whitney and the family you are becoming. We love you. Mom

    1. It is my pleasure to share all of the photos and video with our friends and family! I love putting these things together and was anxious to get it all done. I will work on putting together a CD for you, and hopefully I’ll have our physical album done for you to look through when you visit. I know we are far away now, but I hope this blog can give you a glimpse into our lives in LA. If you “subscribe” at the top of the page, you will get sent an email every time I update. πŸ™‚

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