our wedding: ceremony details

Now I know I shared the ceremony with you already, but there were a lot of little details we put into it that I don’t want you to miss! I wanted our wedding to be very detail oriented, handmade, and representative of us. You might be able to notice the slight undertone of Alice in Wonderland (don’t worry, I didn’t get carried away) with the tea cups, keys, clocks, and stone rabbits. My vision was something playful, romantic, whimsical, and filled with vintage touches for a sort of outdoor garden tea party. In the perfect world, I would have had the entire wedding outdoors. But lucky for us (because of the rain) we planned an indoor reception in a dance hall. Over the year of planning we collected all of these items from various places (Whitney was a little skeptical as to how it would all come together), and I spent countless hours hand stamping, embossing, and writing the place card for each guest.









To the left you can see the black and white photo of my brother, Ryan, and I when we were very young that I talked about in my first ceremony post.



I also wanted something different than a traditional guestbook. I have an old Polaroid camera, but since they don’t make the film anymore, I invested in a Fuji Instax camera (which produces credit card sized instant photos). Our friend Cole manned the camera and took photos of our guests before the ceremony for them to slip inside our guestbook (found in Old Town Spring) with a message and their names. It is something we will always treasure as we get to look back at all of the friends and family who were able to share in our big day.





I wrote everything you see written and painted and sanded the “W” and “S” to give them a worn, vintage look. Writing with the chalk the morning of the wedding was a little nerve wracking because I didn’t want to mess it up and have chalk erasure smears everywhere.


We also asked guests to download the “Wedding Party” app for iPhones. It allows guests to upload photos they take with their phones at the wedding, and the app will place them all in one gallery chronologically.





The vases of sand we used for the sand pouring ritual during the ceremony.


Molly Cook, of Seven Pedals, practicing on her harp before guests began to arrive.

Next up, “Friends and Family”…

-wonderland sam


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