our wedding: getting ready


With the new year, I have a lot of resolutions, plans, and updates to share. But I’d like to start it off by finally sharing our wedding photos. It took us a year of planning (without a wedding planner) and DIY crafting to pull together our big day. After going through 5,000 photos (yes, 5,000), I’ve narrowed them down. So please bear with me as I make our wedding a series of blog posts…there are just too many photos I love and want to share (this was in fact, the biggest day of our lives). We spent so much time on every little detail, I don’t want any of it to go unnoticed. This was truly a labor of love, and I hope you enjoy it.

I’ll try to go chronologically, starting with “Getting Ready”. We had our wedding at Texas Old Town: Redbud Hall in Kyle, Texas, just between Austin and San Marcos. We wanted to have a wedding in Texas with our families before our move out west, and this was the quintessential venue to hold our rustic, vintage wedding in the Lone Star State.




Invitations are expensive, and I was trying to save as much money as possible through the planning process.  Luckily Groupon was running a lot of wedding deals, and I found this one through Delphine. Luck would also have it that they had an “Alice in Wonderland” themed invitation pattern. So I designed the wording, and they printed it for me.


I didn’t want to wear heals for two reasons. 1) I don’t like wearing heals because they are too uncomfortable and more often than not hurt. 2) I didn’t want Whitney’s and my height ratio to be off…I wanted it to feel like any other day we stood beside one another. I found these at a Dillard’s outlet, and they were perfect. I didn’t want cowboy boots, but these cute ankle boots had just the vintage and rustic feel I wanted. And since I was wearing my hair down, I wanted a hair piece to transition to the reception. I ordered it off Etsy and absolutely loved the finished product.


I never wear jewelry (except now of course, my rings). But this was a big day, and I needed to add a little sparkle. It is hard to jewelry shop without having a dress in tow, so my mom and brother ended up gifting me this necklace for my birthday. They sold it at the bridal shop I found my dress at, and we fell in love (except for the price tag, which is why it was my birthday present).


I absolutely loved loved loved our flowers. We found Wow Factor Design at an open house for vendors at Texas Old Town. They had a display up very similar to what I had in mind, and after meeting with them, I knew they were the right florists to make my vision come to life. I told them the colors and style I liked and showed them photos of inspiration. I had no idea how the arrangements would look until the morning of our wedding, and it was love at first sight. I only wish flowers lived forever.


One of my gifts for my wedding party was matching robes. I found this retailer, Love Ophelia, through Green Wedding Shoes (with a discount to match!). I was nervous about the sizes being correct, but it worked out perfectly. They are super pretty and super soft…the perfect robe to lounge in around the house. Unfortunately they don’t make child sizes, so I gave my niece a peace sign hoodie (which she loved).



I have to admit, I am obsessed with my wedding dress. Obsessed. It is a Wtoo gown, and it was the only dress I fell in love with instantly on the rack and instantly when I put it on. You know how people say “You’ll know.” when you find the right dress? Well, I was skeptical, but it’s true. I wanted my dress to be light, flowy, loose and not restricting, lace, and strapless (not usually a fan of wearing strapless items, but the style looked the best on me). I knew what kind of dress I wanted (obviously), and I was so happy to have found it. I only wish I could wear my dress all the time. I thought briefly about cutting it off at the layer to wear as a short dress on another occasion, but I couldn’t bear to cut this beautiful thing. My mom is going to get it preserved for now…I’ll figure it out later. (By the way, this took over 6 months to come in, so look for your wedding dress early!).


This is my good friend, Lindsy. You may have seen me mention before that I met Whitney through her, and she met her husband through Whitney. We went to high school together but didn’t really become good friends until we roomed together in college. She is one of my dearest friends, and I hope she is able to make it out to LA often.


My beautiful mother helped me put on my dress. My sister and I tried my mother’s old wedding dress on several months before. It wasn’t my taste (can you say 80s?), but I wanted to use it in some way. You’ll see scraps of lace from her dress used to make my garter and wrap my sister’s, niece’s, and my bouquets.


My sister and Maid of Honor helped me put on my necklace. We are 21 months apart, and I’m so glad we have such a close relationship. We lived less than a mile away from one another in Austin, and I’m hoping to convince her to move out to the west coast when she finishes nursing school.



I wasn’t sure how I would feel about wearing a veil. Originally I thought I’d want a cool hair piece. But when trying on wedding dresses, putting on the veil really made it all come together so wonderfully. And wearing a floor length veil felt so incredibly awesome, I just had to have it. Thanks to my big brother Ryan for buying it for me!



Instead of writing me a letter, my husband recorded a sweet video message for me to watch before the ceremony. We didn’t do a first look, so we would not be seeing each other until I walked down the aisle (he thought the camera was more zoomed in, so I wouldn’t see him in his new custom fit suit, but woops, I could, haha). Just another thing I needed to make me cry that day. :p


Doesn’t he look like a politician in these photos? I love it. Here he is opening up the card I wrote him (found at Uncommon Objects on South Congress Avenue).



Our good friend, Justin, helped as an usher before our ceremony (and took these for us!).




From left to right: our old roommate Frank, Whitney’s cousin Brandon, and Sonny!




Isn’t it absolutely fitting that on the venue premises there was a BURNT ORANGE LONGHORN?! Thanks for being able to make our wedding, Bevo. HOOK ‘EM!

Next up, the “Ceremony”…

-wonderland sam


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