mueller lake park

Though we live super close to Mueller, I didn’t know of this park’s existence until I attended my first boot camp session there. Of course, it was at 5:30am, so it was pitch black, and I couldn’t actually see anything beyond 20 feet of me. Later, my friend asked if I wanted to take my dog on a walk with her there. In the daylight. And I can’t believe we never knew about this hidden gem! We have been trying to head out to the park often since it’s so close, and last Saturday, in between my work shifts, my husband, Kip, and I took a trip out there. Since I got my new phone, I haven’t picked up my DSLR much, so I grabbed it, along with my instax camera (pullin’ out all the cameras that day!), and we headed out to walk Kip and play fetch with her. I may have gone a little photo overload (it had been over a week since I had used my camera!), but I hope you enjoy.


After Kipling was a bad girl and jumped into the lake. Twice. We didn’t have a towel to dry her off, and it wasn’t warm or sunny enough to let her dry naturally. Look how pleased she is.


My handsome husband who hasn’t shaved since he started studying for his final tests. :p


I love this photo. Must frame it. Fo sho.


Whitney has muck on him from Kipling. Whenever she gets dirty, she just loves to rub all up on you. What a gracious little girl.


-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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