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This past week has been crazy hectic for me, so my blog has suffered a bit. I’ve had an audition, meetings, and training sessions for my two new jobs, and Whitney finally returned home from California! Not to mention I also started a boot camp (in the last home stretch to get fit for my wedding), which I think is going to be a really good routine for me! I did manage to squeeze in a craft (found on Pinterest) with my sister and her roommate (though, we did have to work over a span of a couple of days).

Gather your supplies: blank canvas, a variety of paint colors (including white), brushes, painter’s tape, a ruler, old sheet or newspaper to paint on, and a cup of water and an old rag to clean the brushes.

Go to town! Paint the canvas in as many or as little colors as you like. We decided to use a whole range of colors, with no set color scheme in mind. You can paint designs or shapes or whatever you so choose.

Let your canvas dry completely. I ended up doing this part of the project a couple of days later (though of course you don’t have to wait that long). Then, cut equal sized pieces of painter’s tape. It is very important that the strips of tape are the exact same size (use the ruler and pencil here). We arranged the tape in a herringbone pattern, but you can always get creative and tape out your own design (I may try words next!). After you have finished taping the entire canvas, take off some of the strips (I took off six). Just so you have an idea, the “untaped” areas will be white on your finished project, and the taped areas will show the colors you have painted.

Paint the entire canvas with white paint (I mean the entire canvas, even over the tape).

Once the white paint is completely dry, pull off all of the tape, and voilร ! Of course, mine is far from perfect (what with some of the white paint seeping under the tape), but I think that gives it character (that’s what I’ll tell myself anyway!). I took this photo of the finished product using Instagram, not my DSLR. But don’t get too excited…I still haven’t joined the world of smart phones. Our new roommate has one and graciously let me download the application to use when we’re together. I’m lame, I know.

I’ve told you before I’m not the best “crafter”out there…though I aspire to be. But this project was pretty easy and pretty cool! The most difficult and time consuming aspect was the taping. If you measure your tape out correctly, you’ll save a lot of time and headache (I figured that out too late). Don’t be intimidated…if I can do this, you can too (seriously)!

Now get to crafting!

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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