spring is in the air

Life always gets in the way of making plans, doesn’t it? It has already been a month today since I have last written. A MONTH. How did that happen? It felt like only yesterday I was cheering on my sister at her half marathon.

Things have been busy, but I can’t imagine how busy it will get in the coming months. My fiance is planning on being in Los Angeles for an internship this summer, I’ll continue planning for the wedding (that is only getting closer and closer!), the holidays will come, he will graduate from graduate school, and we will make the final move out west. I’ve probably mentioned all this before, but it is just so daunting that it helps me to write it down, so I can keep my head on track. Not to mention I am always busy auditioning and trying to further my acting career. And photography career. Just, well, everything. Oh, did I forget that we need to sign Kipling up for obedience classes? That too.

Last post I left off that I wanted to actively try to become a runner. The first couple weeks started out great. I was jogging every other day, and it was slowly becoming easier. Well, again, life got in the way, and I haven’t run for the past 2 weeks. Now I’m afraid that it will be hard again which only lessens my motivation. Let’s see what happens.

Lately I’ve been seeing (too many to count) Instagram posts. Instagram is (I can only guess, because I don’t use it) a photo editing application for I-phones. Anyway, it looks pretty cool. I will always choose a DSLR over a camera phone any day, but the editing templates, masks, etc. make people’s photos look really super cool (and their lives really super exciting). So, in honor of not being a member of the 21st century, here are some photos I took on my regular ol’ Samsung. Some of the things I’ve been loving about spring:


All the flowers in BLOOM. I just love it. These yellow flowers especially caught my eye, so I snapped a photo for wedding inspiration.


Cool evenings at the ball park. My fiance is an avid baseball fan (I love it too), so I hope we can continue to catch baseball games this spring season.


There is an open field just a few minutes from our house, so we have been taking Kipling there to play fetch as often as we can. I love lounging in the soft field of clovers and just enjoying the sunshine and my pup.


Quack’s is just about my favorite dessert spot in all of Austin. It’s a quaint little bakery very close to where we live, and it is delicious. I am obsessed with their chocolate cake and always get it. We spent an afternoon last weekend eating cake, drinking tea, and going over our wedding registry.

What are your favorite things to do in the spring? Besides the allergies, it is my favorite season!

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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