sleepy puppy

(Written last Friday night)

Kipling is almost five months old, and though she seems huge to us, she is still very much a puppy. Sometimes she is running off the walls, or like she is right now, pushing her tennis balls under the couch and whining every time she can’t pull them back out. This has literally been happening every three minutes. There are currently three tennis balls under the couch that even I can’t reach and pull out for her.

But when she’s not chasing tennis balls, or squirrels, or birds, or pecans (yes, pecans, she goes absolutely crazy for those things, and she can sniff ’em out a mile away), she sleeps. I don’t know if it’s the heat or boredom or a mixture of both, but some days she is a very sleepy puppy.

Like earlier this afternoon.

Kip resting on the tiled floor. So glad we have this in the main areas instead of carpet…helps keep my baby cool.

Wait, we’re losing her…

Fighting sleep. Or maybe trying to tell me to get this camera out of her face. She’s clearly busy.

Busy sleeping of course.

“What did I tell you?”

“I need my beauty sleep.”

“Who am I kidding? I’m adorable no matter how much sleep I get.”

Trying to entice Kipling with toys…

Is it working?!

I think it’s working!


Gosh dang it.

She looks a little annoyed. Or is it just me?

Probably me. Annoying her that is. Slash my camera.

Will she stay awake?

Don’t think so.

One last hopeful look that I’ll leave her alone.

So that she may sleep in peace.

Goodnight baby girl.

Passed out.

Different location. Same agenda.

But wait…it’s not bedtime! So I took Kipling on a long walk through the sweltering heat to “rid her of her excess energy”. Yeah, right. If anything, it gave her more energy. A few minutes ago she went crazy and starting running circles. For no reason. Just decided to sprint throughout the house knocking things over. Oh well.

I know said I don’t buy real flowers, but there’s nothing wrong with picking some on the side of the road to place in my kitchen. I snatched these while on the walk home with Kipling (don’t worry, they weren’t from someone’s yard). We’ll see how long they last.

Did you get enough of my cute pup? Sometimes I go photo overload.

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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