strawberry cool whip cake

Vacations always come at exactly the right time but unfortunately never last long enough. My Fourth of July weekend consisted of jet skiing, tubing, and boating at the lake, sitting poolside and swimming, grilling, and just vegging out watching TV. It was relaxing and exhausting at the same time and included more than enough food. I wanted to bake a simple dessert for the holiday, so I decided on this cake (that I don’t really have a name for):

My niece helping me bake the cake. We used a boxed mix because hey, we were on vacation.

All you will need is a boxed white cake mix (plus the ingredients it calls for i.e. vegetable oil and eggs), a bucket of Cool Whip, and a carton of fresh strawberries.

Dump the mix into a large bowl.
Pour in the water and vegetable oil (or whatever your box calls for).
Crack the eggs! My niece actually does a great job of not letting any of the shell fall into the mix.
Stir, stir, stir!
Lick the spoon (but only after you have emptied the batter into 2 round cake pans).

 Pop the cake pans into the oven at the instructed temperature and time. Once they are done, let cool 10 minutes and remove from pans to continue cooling. If you need help with this, read my suggestions from my red velvet cake recipe.

Now before icing, let the cake cool. Completely. I had ravenous family members waiting around at 8pm for this to be done, so I rushed the process a bit. If the cake layers aren’t cool, the top will flake off and melt the “icing” immediately.

While waiting for the cake to cool, you can begin slicing strawberries. I didn’t use a whole carton…but close enough. For the middle layer of strawberries, you might want to try cutting very thin slices. I didn’t, and a couple complications arose from that. The thinner the strawberries, the flatter the cake will lie (and easier the cake will stick together).

Glob the cool whip onto the top of the flatter layer and spread. Top with strawberry slices.
Place the other layer on top, and ice EVERYTHING. Decorate with more strawberry slices on top (these can be larger).

 I have never iced with Cool Whip before, and it definitely presents a challenge. My cake wasn’t cooled completely, so it got a bit melty (I know, that’s not a word). But softened Cool Whip will help the spreading process. Just do whatever works best for you. It’s a learning process, people.

Refrigerate. This cake needs to refrigerate in order for the layers to solidify together. The layers may still fall apart when slicing, but at least it will help out. Either way, it will still be delicious!

You can also do what my family does and add a side of vanilla ice cream to everything. Enjoy!

-wonderland sam

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