the dog days are over

I promised more photos, and here they are! I had a great weekend celebrating Whitney’s and our friends’ college graduations both at the ceremony and at the graduation parties. Whitney’s parents catered lunch at our new home on Saturday, and Whitney and his roommates catered barbeque at their old place on Sunday. Needless to say, this weekend was filled with so much (free) food (which finally included some of my baking)! I was happy to host our first get together in our new home, and I am loving the house more each day! I have most of my things moved over, so maybe I can start decorating before our trip to Florida.

Having all of this extra counterspace while baking was so helpful. I am so looking forward to using this kitchen more often.
Lunch at Jason's Deli with Whitney's parents. I probably go there more for the free ice cream than the food.
After Whitney's graduation ceremony. It was lengthy, but I'm so proud of him! (Note: this is the other romper and cardigan I purchased at the outlets several weeks ago)
I never got around to making Easter cupcakes, so I used the strawberry mix for Whitney's graduation cupcakes instead (don't worry, the cookies were made from scratch).
Kipling helping Mama out in the kitchen.
I finally got around to using my cookie/ice cream scoop that my sister gave me for Christmas. It is so handy for transferring cupcake mix to the cups!
Brown sugar for the chocolate chip cookies. I've always loved how they look like little sand castles.
Our dessert tray for Whitney's graduation lunch. I made the cupcakes and cookies (with chocolate chips, chocolate chunks, Heath toffee bits, and pudding!), and Whitney's mom bought the "cake pops" from a coworker.
With Whitney and his parents and the Central Market sandwich table. I just bought this adorable owl dress the other day (I've discovered a new interest in all things owl).
At the Pokey Jo's barbeque at the boys' house.
Last but not least, the UT graduates of 2011 (minus a few)!

Congratulations to all of my friends who graduated this year! I can’t believe how quickly the past four years have flown by. Good luck with the future!

Before I go, let me leave you a pic of these cute pups!

-wonderland sam

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