sneak peak

This past weekend I had the honor of taking the “save the date” photo for my close friend, Lindsy’s, wedding announcements. Though the day was still hot and muggy, it worked out perfectly that the sky was overcast all morning. I won’t give away the surprise of the photos just yet, but here’s a sneak peak:

While we were shooting, this cute lil' ladybug just crawled across the sign, and it was too cute not to snap a photo! By the way, I wrote the sign!

ย In other good news, we are in the process of signing for our house next year! This was the first house we saw, and we fell in love. I’m so glad it worked out that we were able to pull our heads together to figure out a way to afford an early lease. It is a 3 bedroom/1 bath, all refurnished inside with new appliances. Here are just a few snapshots I took while touring the place. I can’t wait to move in and start decorating!

The Kitchen. I am so excited about the extra counterspace...and having a dishwasher again!
The Living Room/Eating Area. I just love the tiled floors. That door leads to the carport, the washer/dryer unit, and the backyard.
Half of the Backyard/Storage Shed. The landlord maintains the yard, which is nice. We are so hoping he will find it in him to build a fence for Kipling!
The Bathroom. It's not huge, but it has a tub (which I need!), and again, it's all remodeled inside. There are 2 hall closets outside of it that allow for extra storage space.

I’m so happy that we came across this place in the exact area we wanted to live in (literally down the street from our houses now). I can’t wait to share with you photos of the house once we have moved in and decorated!

-wonderland sam

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actress/texan kickin' it in los angeles. always searching for my next pizza. cia agent in another life.

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