Will Violet always be a blueberry?


No judging! There were extenuating circumstances that got in the way of my baking from scratch.

The unfortunate news of the week is that I discovered mold in my hallway closet. I don’t mean a speck of mold in the corner…I mean the entire closet and everything in it was covered. Needless to say, it was pretty gross (and dangerous!). And it was all caused by our bathroom pipes, which annoyingly never stop running hot water. Luckily, the plumber and the guy-who-removes-mold made it to our house this week, and it’s getting taken care of. I haven’t been staying there and have been leaving Kipling at Whitney’s in fear of endangering her and myself. So my plans to bake from scratch for Easter weekend were foiled. I didn’t want to lug all of my ingredients and bake-ware over to Whitney’s, so I grabbed a couple of trays and some boxed mixes. Here are some cute Easter muffins I made from blueberry mix (with real blueberries!) for breakfast Sunday morning.

My silicone Easter mold! My mother gave this to me last Easter, and I’m glad I finally got to use it this holiday.
Blueberry muffins! Warm and fresh out of the oven. (Excuse the dirty stove…Whitney lives with 6 guys.)
Do you see the bunny face?!
Bunnies and Easter eggs :)
Bunnies and Easter eggs ๐Ÿ™‚

I wish I had been able to celebrate Easter with family, but it’s so difficult to coordinate everyone’s schedules these days. We were all in different places, but I had a relaxing weekend nonetheless (even though we sadly never got around to dying eggs). Do you have any special Easter traditions?

-wonderland sam

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One thought on “Will Violet always be a blueberry?

  1. Yes..the Easter Bunny came and went! Just had a conversation with someone in my office…two actually.. They didn’t color eggs with their kids! OMG! KEEP THE TRADITION!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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