portland, oregon : part two


I’m back with part two of our anniversary trip to Portland. In case you missed it, I shared about our first day here. Like our last visit, we spent one day in the city and one day in nature – because even though Portland is full of so many fun stops and great food, you just […]

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portland, oregon : part one


Portland was even more magical and charming and perfect our second visit. I legit had to stop myself from crying multiple times due to the beauty of it all, and I’m sure I started to sound like a broken record each time I gasped and squealed at the changing leaves. It was the anniversary trip of my dreams, […]

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dine’n la : cheese & cocktails at industriel


Have you ever ordered an appetizer twice in one meal? I have. The Baked Brie at Industriel in downtown Los Angeles is that good. Now, I’m a “will eat any and all cheese” type of person, but I have a soft spot (pun intended) for brie. Top it with pumpkin seeds, quinoa, and palm tree […]

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the red dress


You know how sometimes you come across an item of clothing that’s so perfect, you can’t pass it up under any circumstance? Case in point – this dress. This red dress. I stumbled upon it at the Rose Bowl Flea, and the collar, the buttons, the fun print, the cinched waist, the flattering cut- all […]

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don’t give up – free printable

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Years and years ago I read this quote somewhere, and it has stuck with me ever since. For me, it’s especially personal – pursuing a creative field comes with a lot of rejection and no step by step instructions for success. It’s my favorite quote and one I come to time and time again, so I […]

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four years


Nine years ago we met on our second day in a new city to attend a university. Eight and a half years ago you told me “I think I like you.” Five years ago you got down on one knee and asked me to marry you. Four years ago you became my husband, I your wife. […]

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lunch’n la : churros at b.s. taqueria


You know those people who say, “I’m not a ‘sweets’ person.”? Can we all just agree that what they really mean is – we’ve finally discovered alien life? Only half joking. The day I say “I’m not a ‘sweets’ person” is the day I stop living. For real though. I’ve only kind of kicked my […]

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east coast meets west coast : fall style


My friend Nikki and I teamed up again to share our fall styles from the east coast to the west coast. Not going to lie, I’m feeling a little envious she gets to spend this special time of year in New York City. It’s just the best, isn’t it? I fulfill just about every cliché in my […]

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the usual


I’ve always admired those people who know themselves and what they like so well, that they stick with it forever -whether it be a signature perfume, go-to mixed drink, or hairstyle they’ve worn for 20 years. I don’t know if it’s their commitment to these things or what, but for lack of a better word, I find […]

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3 classic books to read this fall


This time of year is perfect for a lot of things. Fueling your pumpkin obsession by buying all 36 pumpkin flavored foods at Trader Joe’s and posting 5,000 pumpkin photos on Instagram. Having no shame in immediately throwing on sweatpants and slippers as soon as you open up your front door. Not shaving your legs and guzzling multiple lattes […]

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