I began writing this post before my unfortunate shoulder injury a few weeks ago, so as of late, I haven’t been able to attend classes that require much of an arm/shoulder workout (which severely limits me). It’s a bummer for sure, and I’m trying to straddle that line of letting it rest but also not letting […]

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life hacks


Here are a few of the easiest things that have made my life infinitely more enjoyable. 1. How to instantly look put together and feel confident: lipstick. If you have time for nothing else, lipstick automatically makes you look fancy and tricks people into thinking you made an effort to look presentable. Joke’s on them! P.S. I […]

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what i wore

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So, I’ve been in a rut with my work attire – mostly out of sheer laziness. When I first joined the 8-5 workforce I was all, “Ooooh, a chance for me to wear this dress! And those shoes! I never get to wear these things when I’m at home all day!” Well, that quickly faded. […]

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new things


I kind of let my birthday slide this year without any musings/goals/life lessons shared, and while that is OK (and I had the loveliest weekend to ring it in), old habits die hard. Forewarning: if you’re not a fan of lists, this blog is not for you. Because you guessed it, I got another one coming […]

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blogger spotlight


It’s no secret that I enjoy blogs. My love of them goes all the way back to those (embarrassing) xanga days. But beyond writing one, my joy of reading them began when I started working office jobs in college (aka too much time spent at a computer). Since then, my selection has expanded to everything from blogs about […]

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oh, autumn : bucket list


Try as I might, I can’t contain my excitement for autumn and the subsequent holiday season. Everything about this time of year just makes me so giddy inside. I will continue to mourn LA’s lack of fall weather and foliage (though I am feeling a “chill” in the air), but that will not stop me […]

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sweet summertime : final bucket list update


While the official start of fall isn’t until next week, autumnal weather seems to have come early for us Los Angelinos (knock on wood). Seriously, where is the September heat wave that has come in years past? I’m not complaining – I am just a little hesitant in my fall excitement because this never happens. […]

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sonoma, california

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Three years. Three years I’ve been waiting to make our return to Sonoma, and this year we finally made it happen for my birthday weekend. Drinking wine, reading in a hammock, and playing with Kip at the lake – honestly, could I have a better birthday? Thankful to have rung in my 20 (something) year […]

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east coast meets west coast : summer style


My friend Nikki lives in NYC – you might have seen that I got to visit her earlier this year. We had the very best time, as we share just about every interest under the sun – from our career path (acting) to fashion, cocktail hour, photo booths, and fries. She’s also the one who encouraged me […]

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exploring LA

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I am definitely a creature of habit – and often, convenience. We live on the west side and don’t often stray too far from there because honestly, I hate driving. Though I can accept the traffic when I NEED to go somewhere, it’s much harder to accept when you’re trying to do something “for fun”. But, […]

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